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To­day, the slow and painful death of Thomp­son Square be­gins as fenc­ing is erected around the lower re­serve in Thomp­son Square. This area is a po­ten­tially ar­chae­o­log­i­cally rich site, con­tain­ing the brick bar­rel drains and Abo­rig­i­nal arte­facts dat­ing back 30,000 years. It is those arte­facts, which the RMS say are ‘rare and sig­nif­i­cant’, the RMS is about to de­stroy, oblit­er­at­ing them for an al­ready ob­scenely ex­pen­sive, bad plan. And make no mis­take, they know EX­ACTLY what they are do­ing.

As we con­tinue with our de­ter­mined ef­forts, we look to you to sup­port the work we are do­ing. We know this is big­ger than us. We know the dif­fer­ence YOU can make. There are peo­ple who could stop this project. Write to them - now.

And if her­itage isn't your thing, re­mem­ber this. The new bridge will not fix traf­fic. The new bridge will have no scope for im­prove­ment. In over 100 years we will have had no ad­di­tional ca­pac­ity to cross the river.

And when it comes to money con­sider this also: not much more money would de­liver a traf­fic fix that re­tains our na­tion­ally sig­nif­i­cant her­itage. The solution is easy. The Gov­ern­ment just has to have the guts to do it. Act now.

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