Hills to Hawkesbury Living Magazine - - Community - “Your Say” by Rita N. Lit­tle

In an age where ME- ME seems to reign supreme I was re­cently over­whelmed by the Kind­ness of Strangers. I am a woman of a cer­tain age but not in­firmed nor in need of ob­vi­ous aid. There­fore the re­cent kind­nesses that have been shown to me has left me deeply grate­ful and re­stored my faith in hu­man na­ture.

Re­cently my dog es­caped when I opened the garage door, run­ning on to busy Sa­man­tha Ri­ley Dr. Sev­eral peo­ple came to help me catch the dog be­fore he caused a traf­fic ac­ci­dent.

Ter­ri­fied the dog ran through the streets of Kel­lyville. Many of the chasers gave up but a young cou­ple per­sisted, cov­er­ing a huge area from Bernie Mul­lane Re­serve to the bridge on Glen­haven Road, fi­nally catch­ing the dog in a front gar­den. Th­ese good peo­ple would not take a mon­e­tary re­ward, in­stead ac­cepted a jar of home made jam and a bag of or­anges.

Rush­ing into a Bella Vista su­per­mar­ket my in­ten­tion was to buy milk only, as al­ways it set in mo­tion a chain of must haves - tea, bread etc. be­fore I knew it I was jug­gling an arm­ful of goods hav­ing left the shop­ping bags in the car. I felt a nudge and moved aside think­ing some­one else needed tea. I looked up to find a young man in a school uni­form hand­ing me a bas­ket. I was Gob Smacked! This kind young man had seen my plight and fur­nished me with a bas­ket. Thank you for be­ing aware of oth­ers.

Many restau­rants at end of trade dish up the "left overs" and sell at re­duced prices. I have not availed my­self of this op­por­tu­nity for some­time but as I was in the Mall at Cas­tle Hill de­cided to buy some­thing and save cook­ing that night.

Not all con­tain­ers were marked, re­mem­ber­ing past prices I thought I could af­ford one any­way. When I was told they were $5-00 I handed it back ex­claim­ing, I only had $3-50. Walk­ing back to the lift I was over­taken by an In­dian Lady in busi­ness dress, she handed me $2-00 in­sist­ing I take it. I gave her a hug and thanked her.

I went back and bought a green curry - it was the best I have ever had! As I said in the be­gin­ning I am over­whelmed by the Kind­ness of Strangers. My sin­cere thanks to you all. Thought­ful ges­tures mean so much.

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