Yes I am in a pickle, or is it a jam. You see I was at a bit of a loss to think of some­thing to write about for this is­sue. How­ever my wife said what about “Com­mon Sense” and she pro­duced for me a cou­ple of old books from the 1940s and 1960s.

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Whilst clean­ing out an in-tray in my of­fice I also came across a let­ter from Glenda Lloyd of Cas­tle Hill which also re­lated to the sub­ject at hand. That sub­ject is what we call Com­mon Sense. The books that my wife pro­duced f or me are two copies of “The Com­mon­sense (sic) Cook­ery Book”. The copies that we hold were pub­lished about 20 years apart and were pub­lished by The Pub­lic School Cook­ery Teach­ers’ As­so­ci­a­tion of New South Wales. One would think that teach­ers should know that it is only com­mon sense that “Com­mon Sense” is two words un­like the ti­tle of their cook­ery book that spelt it as only one word.

Any­way, back to Glenda’s let­ter which she ac­tu­ally refers to as the Com­mon Sense Laun­dry Book. Glenda quotes the fol­low­ing ex­tract from a copy, which cost 9d, and which she be­lieves was pub­lished around the time of World War 2.

Now we are in the 21st Cen­tury, Glenda’s prob­lem is this - “is any part of it be­ing com­mon sense”.

Now, whilst the “Com­mon­sense Cook­ery Book” con­tains many recipes and hints for around the home, I dis­cov­ered that it also brought back mem­o­ries of long gone prod­ucts and com­pa­nies amongst the many ad­ver­tise­ments in the books which, I as­sume, helped pay for the pub­li­ca­tions. I will re­pro­duce some of th­ese ad­ver­tise­ments in the “As We Were” sec­tion of this magazine over time.

The books also con­tained in­for­ma­tion such as a time ta­ble for cook­ing meats, a list of kitchen req­ui­sites, a ta­ble of mea­sures, a list of joints and their ac­com­pa­ni­ments, gar­nishes and also a dic­tio­nary of terms used in cook­ery.

I won­der is the book still in pub­li­ca­tion? Is it still used in cook­ery classes at school?

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