Hills to Hawkesbury Community News



Police and SES are warning motorists to be careful on the roads with the increased possibilit­y of flash floods.

Do not put yourself and others in danger trying to cross flooded roads.

Hawkesbury SES is also urging people to review their flood plan, where necessary move stock and equipment and make arrangemen­ts for fodder and transport if required.

The Agricultur­e and Animal Services Hotline (1800 814 647) is open to register for assistance with livestock assessment and veterinary assistance, emergency fodder where access allows, and euthanasia and burial if required from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week.

Castle Hill Showground Castle Hill Showground is open as an emergency animal evacuation centre (see full story page 20) for those concerned about the current flood risk.

In case of further isolation make sure you have adequate:

• Food stuffs and beverages

• Medicines

• Fodder and stock feed

• Fuel for generator(s).

Sandbags are available to the public for collection at the following locations:

• WISEMAN FERRY INN HOTEL - 5545 Old Northern Rd, Wisemans Ferry

• BOX HILL – NELSON RFB Station, 142A Old Pitt Town Road, Box Hill

• GLENORIE RFB Station, 2654 Old Northern Road, Glenorie

Bring a shovel and be prepared to fill sandbags. Only take what you need.

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