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What is the biggest di erence between Australian and US design? “In the US, most clients want me to create a home that represents them – they thrive in their individual­ity and want to show it o . In Australia, I’ve found this is not so common. The brave clients are here, however, I have many prospectiv­e clients coming to me wanting a certain look or style.” What’s your advice for creating a beautiful home? “Listen to your home. A design that has relevance to the architectu­re, no matter

what style, has design longevity and continuity throughout.”

What is the best part of having your own firm? “It’s my aim to create beautiful, individual homes for my clients and in order to do this, they need to trust me to work with them to create this vision. Not all clients are able to do this, which is why having my own company was important.” Where do you find inspiratio­n? “I’m inspired and influenced by Billy Baldwin and David Nightingal­e Hicks, and the contempora­ry designer Miles Redd. Their mastery of colour, mix of periods and influences have the ability to transform rooms into liveable, show-stopping moments.” Where do you go to relax? “The Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel & Spa (7) in Sorrento, Italy, or at a restaurant in the vineyards of McLaren Vale, SA.” Where do you like to dine? “Restaurant Hubert [in Sydney] (9) for a transforma­tion to another time and country, with French cuisine.” What is currently on your wish list? “Joseph McGlennon artwork from the Awakening Series (2), I already have the wall picked out to hang it. There is a fabulous pair of Les Hommes metal-tipped ankle boots (5) I have my eye on, and I’m always on the lookout for distinctiv­e eyewear, so the ‘Buckley’ pair from Jacques Marie Mage (4) is right up my alley. Where do you love to shop? “For accessorie­s I love the DEA Store (8) in Redfern. For fabrics, I get Aussie designs from Utopia Goods (6) or luxury from Dedar Milano. For furniture, the fabulous Gracia & Co (1)

in Melbourne, Space Furniture (10) and Cult in Sydney (3).

What’s next for you? “Right now, it’s my own home. This once-secret undergroun­d gambling den has undergone a major transforma­tion

into a hidden, inner-city luxury entertaine­r’s paradise.

Brett’s work at bmid.com.au or @brett_mickan_interior_design.

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