New styles in cut­lery are all about shine and shape, says James Tre­ble.

Un­til re­cently the hum­ble knife and fork knew their place at the ta­ble. Now it’s their time to shine! By James Tre­ble.

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The new un­der­stated matt black cut­lery is my favourite. In­stead of shine, this pared-back yet strong de­signer look adds cool el­e­gance to your ta­ble. It’s like eye­liner on a face: it can turn nice look­ing into re­ally stylish. And, be­cause it’s black, it goes with al­most any coloured plates or napery.


Metal­lic fin­ishes have in­vaded our bath­rooms and are now bring­ing the golden touch to our ta­bles. While gold (and its pop­u­lar cousin rose gold) was more likely to be seen at Royal ban­quets, modern tech­nol­ogy means we can all en­joy our buf­fet with a bit of bling.


It was ac­tu­ally the Ro­mans who in­vented the two-pronged fork, which was great for eat­ing pasta, but the English who added the third prong so all kinds of food could be eas­ily picked up. To­day there are some new ex­cit­ing and in­ter­est­ing shapes. Sim­ple shapes lead the way with very round spoons, as well as oval ones which sit side­ways to the han­dle. And han­dles have also branched out, be­com­ing sculp­tured, thin, bent or del­i­cately spindly.

With so much choice and vari­a­tion in style, how could you pos­si­bly set­tle for a stan­dard off-the-rack, 24-piece cut­lery set? New cut­lery is def­i­nitely go­ing on my Christ­mas list!

1. Cut­lery set in Cop­per, $49 for 5 pieces, from West Elm. 2. Til­lagd cut­lery set in Black, $49 for 24 pieces, from Ikea. 3. Cut­lery in Gold Plate, from $8.95 per piece, from Zara Home. 4. Cut­lery set in Rose Gold, $19 for 16 pieces, from Kmart. 5. El­e­men­tal cut­lery set in Pewter, $149.95 for 16 pieces, from Maxwell & Wil­liams. 6. Til­lagd cut­lery set in Brass, $49 for 24 pieces, from Ikea. 7. Cut­lery set in Gold, $49 for 5 pieces, from West Elm. 7 5 6 3 4 1 2

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