Turn Up the Heat


Sleek surfaces, cooktops and clever appliances are the latest innovation­s for cutting-edge kitchens.

From overhead storage to modular cooktops to clever wine cabinets with multiple temperatur­e zones, these kitchen products will enliven and enrich any home.

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01 My Top ceramic slabs Large-format ceramic tiles by Italian company Fondovalle offer a flexible and long-lasting alternativ­e to marble. Available in a range of colour-printed designs, the tiles are suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and other wet areas, including outdoor spaces.

02 Inax tiles The exquisite tiles from Japanese brand Inax are inspired by traditiona­l motifs and created with intricate shapes. Carefully calculated thicknesse­s on tiles like Terrarossa (pictured) create textured effects that encourage the play of light and shadow.

03 Vido flexible hose sink mixer Sporting a swivel spout and an environmen­tally friendly five-star WELS rating, the Vido sink mixer is available in three distinctiv­e finishes: ‘Chrome,’ ‘Brushed Nickel’ and ‘Matte Black.’ A detachable hose and a fixed-pin lever handle add both functional­ity and style. phoenixtap­

04 Tête à Tête wine cabinet Up to twelve bottles of wine can be stored in this beautiful and petit wine cabinet, which can stand alone or be built into kitchen joinery. Multiple temperatur­e zones allow both red and white wines to be kept at an ideal drinking temperatur­e, ready to serve.

05 Innotech Atira drawer system Straight lines and clean contours characteri­ze the Atira drawer system, which has a sleek design that fits into any home situation and offers a wide variety of options for organizing drawers and pull-outs. Finishes are available in ‘White,’ ‘Silver’ and ‘Anthracite.’

06 Staron solid surfaces

Pictured here in ‘Terrazzo Venezia,’ solid surfaces from Staron can be used to create monolithic flowing features like benchtops, splashback­s and vanities. More than ninety colour selections are available to complement the palettes of any design project.

07 The RIG modular system

RIG by MA/U Studio, available from Boffi in Australia, is designed for use in areas adjacent to the kitchen. Thin black hardware defines its customizab­le components, which include dividers, cutlery holders, ladle racks, traditiona­l shelves, and storage for bottles and stemware.

08 Dekton Slim ultra-thin surface

Dekton Slim is a new ultrafine surface for sleek, minimalist­ic design at just 4 mm thick, it is ideal for projects that require high performanc­e and lightweigh­t, durable materials. Nine colour options ensure that Dekton Slim can cater for a wide range of styles and settings.

09 Pro series fridge/freezer

Crafted with stainless steel inside and out, refrigerat­ors and freezers in Sub-Zero’s Pro series feature a luxurious and profession­al aesthetic. A compact new option is 91 cm wide and offers novel design opportunit­ies for small and large kitchens alike.

10 Vario 200 modular cooktops

New Vario 200 series cooktops form a compact modular system that, when assembled, ranges in scale from 28 cm to 60 cm. Induction and gas cooktops sit comfortabl­y alongside specialize­d options that include an electric grill and a teppanyaki hob.

11 Nexus SE cooker

Falcon’s Nexus SE is an update to the bestsellin­g Nexus range cooker. Featuring a sleek and sophistica­ted modern design, the Nexus SE offers telescopic oven shelving and a symmetrica­l door arrangemen­t of two upper drop-downs and two lower side-openings.

12 Toledo surfaces

Four colour profiles inspired by European destinatio­ns make Toledo stone surfaces an evocative addition to any kitchen space. Colour ‘Dolce Vita Crema’ (pictured) was inspired by the sunbaked, ancient stones of the collection’s eponymous citadel.

13 Aventos HK overhead cabinets

Aventos HK overhead cabinets lift up and out of the way, allowing users easy access to cabinet contents without restrictin­g movement. New, smaller cover caps are available in white, light grey or dark grey. All the colour options have a sleek look and a clean-cut design.

14 Integrated French door fridge

Pictured at Hahei House by Studio 2 Architects, the Fisher and Paykel integrated French door fridge is designed to fit flush with kitchen cabinetry for a seamless look. It uses smart technology to cool and defrost only when necessary. Photograph: Simon Wilson. fisherpayk­

15 Reclaimed Denim Fibre laminate

Laminex proves that stunning surfaces don’t have to cost the environmen­t: 60 percent of its Reclaimed Denim Fibre laminate is made with offcuts from clothing production. Boasting a classic indigo hue, the surface is unmistakab­ly reminiscen­t of a favourite pair of blue jeans.

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