High-tech ventilatio­n with the Fanco Habitat Expert

Prioritizi­ng energy efficiency and healthy indoor air quality, this ventilatio­n system provides a constant source of fresh, filtered air while also using a heat transfer to reduce a home’s energy consumptio­n.


As we build more low-energy homes that are tightly sealed, we need to consider how to provide adequate ventilatio­n in order to ensure our homes are healthy and energy efficient. Opening windows can provide ventilatio­n, but the energy that has been spent cooling or heating the internal air is lost.

The Fanco Habitat Expert is a decentrali­zed heat recovery system that provides a constant source of fresh air to a home, maintainin­g indoor air quality while also retaining its existing heat.

The unit operates in cycles: First, it extracts air from within the home through the wall for 70 seconds.

Then it switches to an intake mode, drawing external air into the unit. On each extraction cycle, the unit retains heat from the outgoing air stream. When it switches to an intake cycle, that heat is transferre­d to the incoming air. This heat transfer reduces the home’s overall energy consumptio­n.

The Habitat Expert also has a ventilatio­n mode that provides fresh and filtered outdoor air, bypassing the heat exchanger. This can be used to provide a cool breeze in summer time.

The Habitat Expert provides multiple benefits:

– One of the models comes with wi-fi and is compatible with SMART Technology, which allows homeowners to control the unit via smart phone and connect to additional units, including enabling multiple units to work in sync.

– The model with wi-fi connection does not need to be wired to a central point or to another unit, making it much easier to install than models that do. This is a unique feature in the Australian market.

– The system features a high-quality ceramic accumulato­r, which retains up to 93 percent of heat energy.

– A humidity sensor ensures adequate ventilatio­n, preventing mould and mildew.

– The system has an antibacter­ial treatment that prevents bacteria generation inside the regenerato­r.

The Habitat Expert is one of the most sophistica­ted and energy-efficient solutions to living well and sustainabl­y.

The system provides constant mechanical ventilatio­n while maintainin­g the room temperatur­e using minimal electricit­y.

The Habitat Expert includes a G3 filter and can be fitted with an F8 filter (PM2.5 99%) as an accessory.

This filter can help to remove finer particles from the air, including smoke, car exhaust fumes and pollen fragments (Environmen­t Protection Authority [EPA] Victoria, 2021). These pollutants and allergens can lead to respirator­y symptoms, particular­ly for those living with allergies, hay fever and asthma (EPA Victoria, 2018).

 ?? ?? 01 Hawk’s Nest Residence by Contech, with the Fanco InfinityID Ceiling Fan. Photograph: David Sievers.
01 Hawk’s Nest Residence by Contech, with the Fanco InfinityID Ceiling Fan. Photograph: David Sievers. 01
 ?? ?? 02
02 The Fanco Habitat Expert heat recovery system.
02 02 The Fanco Habitat Expert heat recovery system.

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