Hyper - - CON­TENTS - Daniel Wilks has big, big love for this unique MOBA

Aside from be­ing one of the best look­ing games we’ve seen in ages, there are a few other things in Gi­gan­tic that make it one of our top picks for up­com­ing es­ports games. Sit­ting some­where be­tween a third-per­son MOBA like Smite or Paragon and a hero-based shooter like Over­watch, Gi­gan­tic pits teams of beau­ti­fully cel-shaded char­ac­ters against each other as they strug­gle to awaken and fight along­side their mas­sive guardian crea­tures. Due to the third-per­son shooter na­ture of the game, there is a wel­come sense of speed and ver­ti­cal­ity in Gi­gan­tic, but this is just ic­ing on an al­ready very tasty cake.

In many re­spects, Gi­gan­tic re­calls the com­pet­i­tive el­e­ments of Bat­tle­born (don’t stop read­ing, please), with the he­roes fight­ing their way through a third per­son ver­sion of a three lane MOBA map. When the game be­gins there are no creeps or mobs on the map. In­stead of these AI crea­tures be­ing a con­stant spawn, play­ers in­stead have to cap cer­tain points around the map to sum­mon crea­tures to act on their be­half. These crea­tures may not nec­es­sar­ily act as nor­mal mobs, ei­ther, in­stead func­tion­ing more like a tower or tur­ret. Some sum­mons heal al­lied play­ers within a cer­tain ra­dius, while oth­ers can slow en­e­mies.

Each of the 16 he­roes cur­rently avail­able have unique skill trees and abil­i­ties mak­ing for some ex­cel­lent va­ri­ety when it comes to play styles. There are melee char­ac­ters ca­pa­ble of do­ing dam­age up close and per­sonal, with a se­lec­tion of tanks and DPS char­ac­ters, in­clud­ing the gi­ant, de­monic Mar­grave (a tank), the mys­ti­cal lit­tle girl war­rior with a huge sword that houses the spirit of her dead fa­ther, Ais­ling (util­ity), and the frog mar­tial arts monk Wu (mo­bil­ity/ DPS) and an equal num­ber of ranged com­bat­ants and sup­port char­ac­ters.

Mo­bil­ity is a huge fac­tor in the game given the ver­ti­cal­ity of the en­vi­ron­ments. Less mo­bile char­ac­ters may be forced to travel along the bot­tom of ravines un­less aided by sup­port char­ac­ters, while other char­ac­ters, like Beck­ett, a ranged mo­bil­ity DPS char­ac­ter equipped with a jet­pack can fly over ob­sta­cles or find van­tage points dif­fi­cult to ac­cess by con­ven­tional means.

As fast and fun as the ac­tion is, the real spec­ta­cle of the game comes in the form of the mas­sive guardian crea­tures that rep­re­sent each team. These crea­tures are es­sen­tially the fi­nal boss of a bat­tle and must be taken down to end a match. Try­ing to take one on solo is sui­cide, and even team based it’s a fool’s er­rand as player at­tacks can’t hurt them. The only way to com­bat a guardian is with an­other guardian. These are ac­ti­vated by a team amass­ing 100 points through com­bat, sum­mon­ing, and col­lect­ing. When you reach 100 points the guardian's ac­ti­vated and makes its way to the en­emy. Play­ers then have 20 se­conds to do as much dam­age as pos­si­ble.

Gi­gan­tic will be free to play when it is re­leased some time in 2017, but peo­ple in­ter­ested in jump­ing into the beta can pur­chase a Founder’s Edi­tion of the game giv­ing them ac­cess to all the char­ac­ters off the bat and some ex­clu­sive skins.


Gi­gan­tic's gor­geous cel-shaded vi­su­als help dis­tin­guish it from other MOBAs on the mar­ket

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