Maze War (Steve Colley, Howard Palmer, Greg Thomp­son)


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Prob­a­bly the first first-per­son shooter, Maze War put play­ers in a vec­tor wire­frame, 3D grid they could nav­i­gate one step at a time. If you spot­ted another player you could shoot them. While Spasim may have a cred­i­ble claim to be­ing the first first-per­son shooter, it’s clear that Maze War is closer to what even­tu­ally be­came the genre. This truly is the very essence of the FPS. Over numerous it­er­a­tions it was also so far ahead of its time in terms of what we would now con­sider sta­ple genre fea­tures net­worked mul­ti­player, a level edi­tor, mod sup­port, and a spec­ta­tor mode - that it’s easy to sus­pect some sort of sor­cery at work. It would not be at all un­rea­son­able to ar­gue Maze War is the most im­por­tant and in­flu­en­tial video game of all time.

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