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Indies of all shapes, sizes, and ori­en­ta­tions have found them­selves a spir­i­tual home on the Nintendo Switch. While you can of­ten find these games on an­other sys­tem, on a com­mute there’s noth­ing like whip­ping the switch out of your back­pack and wak­ing it up from sleep mode to find that it is ready to go a sec­ond later, ex­actly where you left o. This fea­ture shouldn’t be un­der­es­ti­mated.

I hear the mod­ern gamer declar­ing that there are su­pe­rior op­tions on a gam­ing lap­top; this may be true but they are ex­pen­sive, heavy, hot, and not re­ally prac­ti­cal on a peak hour train trip. In many cases you would also need to carry your choice of wire­less con­troller as you can’t ex­actly mouse and key­board com­fort­ably on pub­lic trans­port with­out in­con­ve­nienc­ing the gen­eral pub­lic – and look­ing kinda na in the process.

These days, indies are evolv­ing. I find more and more I shy away from the big bud­get re­leases to­wards these more charm­ing dar­lings, as they are of­ten much more fo­cussed. I feel they try and squeeze ev­ery pos­si­ble idea out of a unique premise care­fully crafted, rather then try­ing to shoe­horn el­e­ments of ev­ery suc­cess­ful game into their cre­ation; not ev­ery game needs to be the lat­est open­world, do­ev­ery­thing kind of ex­pe­ri­ence.

Here is my list of 10 of my favourite Nintendo Switch in­die/ es­hop games – all re­lease dates are the date it was re­leased in Aus­tralia on the plat­form.

DE­VEL­OPER Matt Makes Games PUB­LISHER Matt Makes Games RE­LEASED Jan­uary 2018

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