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I have bought this game three times now and I’m not even mad. The best thing about Shovel Knight ,be­sides every­thing, is the gen­eros­ity of the deves. My jour­ney with this game is as fol­lows; one fine day I pur­chased the original Shovel Knight the pre­cise mo­ment it re­leased on Steam; it was love at first sight. A funny story, great chip­tune music, a like­able pro­tag­o­nist, and, cru­cially, ex­cel­lent plat­form­ing. Since re­lease there have been two full-length DLCs (with King Knights DLC cur­rently in de­vel­op­ment) based on a cou­ple of bosses de­feated in Shovel Knight’s original ad­ven­ture. This ain’t no re-skin ei­ther, they are full length games that change the lev­els and me­chan­ics up in in­ter­est­ing and fun ways. Yacht Club games have never sold a piece of DLC, so if you bought the original Shovel Knight these ex­tras fil­tered down the pipe as free down­loads; this is the rea­son I hap­pily pur­chased this game on three diŽer­ent plat­forms.

DE­VEL­OPER Yacht Club Games PUB­LISHER Yacht Club Games RE­LEASED March 2017

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