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Af­ter all the un­pleas­ant­ness of the last few years, Kon­ami still seems happy to lend out Solid Snake to Nintendo (fun aside: Snake and Mother Base also ap­peared in a re­cent up­date for Switch launch ti­tle Su­per Bomber­man R, and Bomber­man will be in Ul­ti­mate as an as­sist tro­phy). Snake’s even played by David Hayter here, al­though we’re not sure how much ‘new’ di­a­log he’ll get. He’s con­sid­ered one of the most high-tiered fight­ers in Brawl, with a move set that al­lows him to at­tack from a va­ri­ety of po­si­tions and dis­tances. He’s bad in the air, but there was no one in Brawl who could do quite so much dam­age on the ground – the only char­ac­ter to have more suc­cess in tour­na­ments was Meta Knight. For Ul­ti­mate, some of his more po­tent at­tacks are be­ing nerfed sig­nif­i­cantly (grenades do less dam­age, C4 is more vis­i­ble), but Snake should still be wor­thy.

Match to Watch: [email protected] Monthly - NS | Seag­ull (Wolf) Vs. Jrugs (Snake) SSBB Win­ners’ Fi­nals - Smash Brawl

That thing I said a mo­ment ago about Brawl be­ing less in­ter­est­ing to watch is less true when Snake is one of the fight­ers. Be­cause Snake’s al­ways hurl­ing shit around – grenades, mines, rock­ets, C4 – he’s an ex­cit­ing fighter, and watch­ing him lay traps around the arena is fun. Snake’s also able to take a lot of pun­ish­ment, still sur­viv­ing with close to 200% dam­age (it’s pos­si­ble that this will get toned down a bit for Ul­ti­mate).

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