Ken Gri ey Jr

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By far the best player the Seat­tle Mariners – the base­ball team Nintendo owned from 1992 un­til 2016 – ever had, Griey Jr would be a great choice for Nintendo’s fight­ing fran­chise. Not only does he have the sixth high­est home run count in the his­tory of the MLB, but he had his own N64 game - Ma­jor League Base­ball Fea­tur­ing Ken Griey Jr – which makes him more qual­i­fied than, say, Dark Pit (we’re still a bit baŽed by Dark Pit, to be hon­est). Thanks, Ken, for be­ing an im­por­tant part of my child­hood – not be­cause I played the game, but be­cause it meant I knew the name of one base­baller and could blu through sports con­ver­sa­tions (same goes for Kobe Bryant, but that guy re­ally sucks).

Pro­posed at­tacks

Drink­ing a lot of nerve tonic, thwack­ing base­balls at you, and even­tu­ally leav­ing to join a dif­fer­ent videogame team.

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