GBA, 2002/2003/2004

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If you had a mas­cot in the early-to­mid 2000s, they got a Game Boy Ad­vance 2D plat­former. This was law, en­acted across all stu­dios and com­pa­nies, and Crash Bandi­coot was no ex­cep­tion. The Huge Ad­ven­ture (ti­tled XS in Europe, which is a much clev­erer ti­tle) and N-Tranced were gen­er­ally well­re­ceived as solid lit­tle games that prob­a­bly haven’t held up su­per well, but Purple: Ripto’s Re­venge is the in­ter­est­ing one here. It was a Spryo cross-over event game – Spyro Or­ange: The Cortex Con­spir­acy was also avail­able at the same time. Minigames could be played be­tween own­ers of each game, and there was an elab­o­rate card-trad­ing sys­tem in place too, be­cause GBA games of­ten had weird gim­micks like that in them. The two crossed over again, kind of, in the PS4 ver­sion of Sky­lan­ders: Imag­i­na­tors some years later.

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