RC Car

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En­joy­ment of Build: It’s a fun way to spend fif­teen min­utes.

Fid­dli­ness: You need a large, flat, hard sur­face to op­er­ate the RC car on, but there’s not re­ally a lot to build­ing or op­er­at­ing this one.

How Easy to Break: The RC Car feels sturdy, and you won’t be ma­nip­u­lat­ing it with your hands much, so there’s no real dan­ger of it break­ing.

Game­play: The RC Car is de­signed to be a quick, easy show­case for what Labo is. Within fif­teen min­utes you’re us­ing the Switch touch screen to move the car around with Joy Con vi­bra­tions, and it’s a damn de­light. Turn­ing on the cam­era func­tion and pick­ing up im­ages through the Joy Con is a neat re­minder of just how ver­sa­tile and cool the lit­tle con­trollers are. Un­less you get deep into the ‘Garage’ pro­gram­ming stu‰ you’re not go­ing to get a lot of play out of the RC Car, but it’s a lovely thing to show o‰ to fam­ily and friends.

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