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En­joy­ment of Build: This is a fun one, with a lot of “Oh, that’s neat” mo­ments dur­ing the build process. Part of the fun of Labo is see­ing the process un­der the sur­face come to­gether, and learn­ing how the mov­ing parts inside are go­ing to sim­u­late the ex­pe­ri­ence of, in this case, rid­ing a mo­tor­bike. Fid­dli­ness: The mo­tor­bike Toy Con is fid­dly in the fi­nal stages, when every­thing is click­ing to­gether. There’s a tab you need to open and close again when­ever you in­sert the Switch screen into the main shell, and it’s start­ing to look and feel pretty raggedy af­ter a few uses.

How Easy to Break: I’d have to guess ex­tremely. Pulling at the lit­tle tabs and twist­ing at the throt­tle feels pre­car­i­ous, and af­ter just a few uses my Toy Con is in no­tice­ably worse shape than it was be­fore, with bends in places there shouldn’t be and less re­sis­tance on the brake than I’d like. Game­play: The in­cluded mo­tor­bike game is cool fun, but it’s also a good re­minder of why this thing would never work for a ‘full’ game – crank the speed up and sud­denly twist­ing the throt­tle and turn­ing while press­ing the Toy Con into your gut be­comes a less en­joy­able ex­pe­ri­ence. While Toy Cons that are com­pat­i­ble with bigger games might work in the fu­ture, this one’s not quite there. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe re­cently re­ceived an up­date that in­cluded sup­port for the Mo­tor­bike Toy-Con (com­plete with a zoomed-in cam­era), but af­ter one race I went right back to the Pro Con­troller.

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