Su­per Mario Sun­shine

2002, GameCube

Hyper - - FEATURE -

There’s a pat­tern here: new con­sole gen­er­a­tion, new hard­ware, a step up in music qual­ity. When Mario and Peach’s (and Toadsworth’s?) hol­i­day to Isle Delfino takes a weird turn, Kondo plays along and gives us an all new set of sounds to suit the trop­i­cal lo­cales.

Okay, al­right, Sun­shine might not be ev­ery­one’s favourite Mario game (get outta here, FLUDD) but the game is still chock-full of ear­worms. Stand­outs in­clude the music of Pianta Square and the a cap­pella Mario theme. Who’d have thought a four-part scat ver­sion of Mario’s tune could be so damn good? I guess old mate Koji did.

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