Metroid Fu­sion

(GBA, 3DS Am­bas­sador’s Pro­gram, Wii U)

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In the US, Metroid Prime and Metroid Fu­sion re­leased on the same day (in Aus­tralia there was a lu­di­crous five­month gap be­tween the two). One rep­re­sented a bold new fu­ture for the fran­chise (one we’re cur­rently wait­ing on a re­turn to), while the other, which delved into the se­ries’ past, was a per­fect kick-o point for those of us who had missed Sa­mus’ ear­lier ad­ven­tures. Fu­sion is, chrono­log­i­cally, still the ‘last’ Metroid, fea­tur­ing Sa­mus in a new suit and filled with nu­mer­ous ref­er­ences to the older games, but if you’ve seen Alien and Aliens you don’t need to worry too much about miss­ing plot de­tails. More im­por­tantly, it digs deep into who Sa­mus is and what makes her tick, giv­ing the char­ac­ter di­men­sions and depth that the original games didn’t. It’s also a stag­ger­ingly great game, one that isn’t as re­liant on (oc­ca­sion­ally te­dious) back­track­ing as the still-won­der­ful Su­per Metroid – it’s a per­fect in­tro­duc­tion not only to Metroid, but to the whole ‘Metroid­va­nia’ sub­genre.

Se­ries best: Su­per Metroid or Metroid Prime, de­pend­ing on taste

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