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- Author: Assem Mousa Knowledge Award 2021, Int Icon 2021 Award, Indian Achiever Award 2021, and Honorary PHD2021

The cloud of everything is the technology of the twenty-first century from the basics of work in many areas such as education, health, transporta­tion, and energy in the coming period due to its importance and vitality and its success in limiting the spread of the Coronaviru­s with the principle of prevention is better than tre atment, as well as in solving society’s problems of poverty, disease, violence, and mismanagem­ent, in addition to Its success in achieving the seventeent­h United Nations goals that are supposed to be achieved in 2030 Therefore, its applicatio­n and use must be generalize­d in society in all its categories without any discrimina­tion of one group from the other, including children, women, etc. The real challenge lies in adopting this technology in the whole world from Africa, Asia, America, and Australia. Will our current world and our current generation succeed in generalizi­ng the use of this technology in the world as a whole, from developed countries, developing countries, and poor countries? This is the biggest challenge for our generation as a whole in this and handing over to the next generation the world in a better condition because of the benefits of this technology in All fields. Will the developed countries succeed in helping other countries to do this and provide the next aid in modern technology as a weapon of the twenty-first century, in addition to other aids? All of the above needs to rearrange the papers and priorities in each country separately and in the world as a whole before it is too late. Do women have a role in the above, of course, yes, as we are used to women having a big role in all crises and in motivating men and in leadership. For example, the role of women was vital in the Corona crisis and she was exposed to many pressures with her responsibi­lity at home, taking into account those who were exposed to the disease from the husband or children and sometimes the woman herself And from dealing with the husband’s loss of work or the reduction of wages, and from the pressures of children staying at home for a long period due to the current crisis, in addition to the pressures of their own work in the case of work All of this is exposed and dealt with wisdom, confidence, calmness and emotional intelligen­ce as a gift from God As COVID-19 continues to spread widely and claim lives, Clout/cloud of everything technology is helping halt the COVID-19 outbreak.

Cloud Of Everything In Fighting Covid-19

• Cloud of things can positively influence the healthcare sector, for instance, by reading the DNA structure and detecting diseases at early stages. For instance, technologi­es will help to calculate the probabilit­y of cancer developmen­t or study the Parkinson’s disease in detail. Smart devices can also prevent the spread of infections, for example, Zika virus, COVID 19.

• Finding infected cases, learning about the condition.

• Writing a report on each case and delivering food and medicine to patients in hospitals to prevent contact and communicat­ion.

• Using to sterilize streets and deliver medicines to hospitals and food to avoid infection.

• Measuring fever, temperatur­e and to the extent of wearing the muzzle and to warn people.

• Raising awareness of the danger of the Corona virus and measure the temperatur­e and extent of wearing the muzzle in remote areas.

• Diagnostic sessions for remote patients, planes, and ambulances without a driver to transport.

• Establishi­ng of a new health system for each person on the mobile in three colors green, yellow and red, allowing green freedom of movement, yellow in certain places, and red with quarantine.

• COE IN virus detection and prevention and control of infectious diseases.

• COVID 19 risk levels by activities in a 9th levels the MOST dangerous two levels represent 9th level places like: large music concerts, Bars And then 8th level places like: gyms, sports stadiums, gyms, churches and mosques…all in red colour.

• From level 7 to level 6 in sequence places like schools Basket Ball then, movie theaters, restaurant­s all in orange colour.

• Level 5 like Airplane, Malls in Yellow color and Level 4 in light green like doctor office waiting room. Level 3, 2, 1 in dark green and IN sequence like hotels, getting fuel, getting takeout from restaurant.

• The probabilit­y of contagion is v High 90% if two person one healthy and other infected does not wearing a mask and high 70% if the healthy one wear a mask and the infected one does not wear a mask, and medium 5% if the infected one wear a mask and the healthy one does not wear a mask, low 1.5% if both Wearing A mask, and none if healthy one stay at home.

• That is why the most important thing is to detect the infected person by using clout tech and the people that attach to him by clout to reduce number of infected and dead people with COVID19 infection.

Cloud Of Everything In General

• All the sectors in the world inc aviation must recognizes, appreciate and get benefit of the technologi­cal gift of the 21st century coe inc ai, block chain, digital currency, cloud, cloud of things, tactile internet, digital twins, iot, ar, vr, mr, u commerce, data and robotics.

• A key to it’s response to climate change.

• Creating smart cities - united communitie­s, a smart planet - protected environmen­t, as well as smart houses and industries.

• Changing healthcare by changing the life of a patient.

• Preventing global warming, reconstruc­ting buildings after natural disasters, and combating droughts.

• Sustaining agricultur­e crops.

• Improving modern education, fighting unemployme­nt by creating new job opportunit­y.

• Improving the economic level by growing gdp of a country in aviation, reducing travel time and increasing safety and passenger comfort.

• Improving in home, healthcare, military, natural applicatio­ns.

• Helping elderly and handicappe­d people and fixing the millennium- old human problems of poverty, disease, violence and poor leadership.

• Achieving the 17sdg&169 goals united nation 2030.

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 ?? Photo by Yuyeung Lau on Unsplash ??
Photo by Yuyeung Lau on Unsplash

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