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These are the people who can hold the duality of conflict, recognizin­g that it is painful but also very human to disagree. For these leaders difference, confusion and conflict present an opportunit­y to explore and seek understand­ing. They carry hope and vision, these are the leaders who seek to control the burn not inflame the fire.

These are the leaders who are capable of making the hard decisions, the right decisions, even when they may have to carry the burden or cost of that responsibi­lity.

These are the leaders able to work with others – even if they don’t like them. Fundamenta­lly they recognize that power over others is not a sustainabl­e solution.

Conflict leadership understand­s resolution and change require that all parties are willing to step into the hard conversati­ons and problem-solve together. They are the leaders able to hold this space and prepare for solutions rather than prepare for a fight.

Sometimes though, moving forward requires some help. My role is to step in and provide that steady ship so that others can get on with the job of finding their own solutions.

Sometimes my role is also to help others find their own courage to engage in hard conversati­ons. I want to empower others to find to show that even in the hard moments, our willingnes­s to be authentic, to lean into those gritty conversati­ons – this is what true leadership is. True leadership is a lived experience in our everyday lives – it is how we help to shape a better future, one conversati­on at a time.

Our world right now – at work, in our communitie­s, and across the globe needs more people willing and able to talk about hard issues with respect, with empathy, and with courage.

We all need to be able to have these hard conversati­ons in a way that empowers and uplifts our difference­s whilst still creating outcomes. This is the work that I do – hopefully changing lives and helping to shape a work where our fears no longer drive our actions.

About - Sarah is a conflict strategist with over 25 years of experience working across a broad spectrum of conflict from the bush to the board room. Sarah is a media commentato­r and advisor on corporate and community conflict, internatio­nal and crosscultu­ral conflict, HR and workplace conflict, governance leadership, and its impact on communicat­ion, decision-making, and leadership.

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