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- By Jude Ediae

Jude Ediae is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Global Youth Mental Health Awareness (GYMHA) Incorporat­ed (https://gymha.org/), an Australian registered charity. I am passionate about supporting the mental health and wellbeing of youth globally.

As a humanitari­an and global ambassador for youth mental health awareness, I choose to emphasize the positive mindset of venturing above your fears and taking a step forward even when it seems all your confidence is gone.

I am passionate about how this selfdriven belief and self-assurance can connect, heal, inspire, educate, inculcate knowledge and hope in a world that desires a bond and selfbelief.

We leave a legacy for impending generation­s to learn from us and ignite conversati­ons that may not have taken place but rather were perceived and duly addressed with the proper solution to avoid a recurrence in the future, which inspires me I am thinking limitlessl­y of how to approach the impossibil­ity related challenges, building a mindset of "I can achieve it" prior to endless opportunit­ies globally.

Thinking limitlessl­y

The motivation for this has arisen from my own experience­s of charitable field work in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, first as a member of the Global Goodwill Ambassador­s Foundation (https://www.globalgood­willambass­adors.or g/) and the Ethnic Community Council of Victoria. In both roles, I've seen that it's common to struggle to keep social support systems that work, which takes a lot of time and emotional energy.

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