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Location: The Netherland­s media: Photoshop WEB: www.joelchaimh­

Joel is inspired by biblical themes, mythology, the occult, military history and the grotesque. He aims to capture scenes that look like they could have existed.

1 The Cordyceps King

“In ancient times, the Scythians used incense and herbs to invoke visions of the past, future, heaven and hell; sometimes believing they could commune with the gods themselves.”

2 Khazar Bagathur

“The Shamanisti­c Khazar Turks converted to Judaism around AD 700. While practising monotheism, some of the traditiona­l warrior castes in Khazaria still used ancient spells in warfare.”

3 amorges of The azure horde

“This paintings is set in the fall of Babylon in 539 BC. Amorges was one of the invading kings that helped the Persians invade the Babylonian capital.”

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