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Joel is in­spired by bib­li­cal themes, mythol­ogy, the oc­cult, mil­i­tary his­tory and the grotesque. He aims to cap­ture scenes that look like they could have ex­isted.

1 The Cordy­ceps King

“In an­cient times, the Scythi­ans used in­cense and herbs to in­voke vi­sions of the past, fu­ture, heaven and hell; some­times be­liev­ing they could com­mune with the gods them­selves.”

2 Khazar Ba­gathur

“The Shaman­is­tic Khazar Turks con­verted to Ju­daism around AD 700. While prac­tis­ing monothe­ism, some of the tra­di­tional warrior castes in Khaz­aria still used an­cient spells in war­fare.”

3 amorges of The azure horde

“This paint­ings is set in the fall of Baby­lon in 539 BC. Amorges was one of the in­vad­ing kings that helped the Per­sians in­vade the Baby­lo­nian cap­i­tal.”

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