Patrick O’keefe’s myriad of experience­s collided on Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse


“Working with the unbelievab­ly talented team on Spider-verse was an absolute dream. I was incredibly humbled to be part of something that so many of my favourite artists were working on,” shares Patrick as we discuss his work on Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse.

For an artist as diverse as Patrick, who draws on his life across many industries, Miles Morales’ big screen outing couldn’t have been a better fit. The animated movie is a collision of styles and ideas. It’s graphic and bold.

“I was merely a spoke in the wheel, adding my own perspectiv­e,” says Patrick, who’s still working on expanding Miles Morales’ universe.

“I liked comic books growing up, but the time on Spider-verse has been a master’s degree in comic style. It’s exciting and inspiring to find new materials to draw from and I only hope we can do them justice in our homage to such an incredible art form.”

He tells us the team’s goal was to create a “love letter to the comic book” and were given scopt to express that joy in Marvel’s heroes how they wished. Freed from the usual constraint­s of the film industry Patrick says they were able to “put that excitement into every aspect of the film and I truly believe that can be felt by those who watch it.”

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