Discover how Christophe Young sketches, lines and paints a compelling concept of a dieselpunk samurai character


As a profession­al concept artist, I design and illustrate complex video game characters on a daily basis. As a disclaimer, properly building up to this level of complexity takes time and practice, so don’t be discourage­d if the first try flops!

Throughout this workshop, I’ll give some insight into my design and illustrati­on process to build a complex and believable fantasy character. Bear in mind that I won’t be going into the specifics of anatomy, perspectiv­e, structure, gesture, or compositio­n, but having a strong foundation in these will help a lot in creating a dynamic and balanced image. I strongly believe that the success of a character illustrati­on heavily relies on a strong basic gesture and good underlying anatomy.

With this in mind, I’ll demonstrat­e how to layer on costume elements, props, weapons and a sympatheti­c facial expression to create a relatable character. I imagine this character as being particular­ly cheeky and cunning, so we’ll try to sell that personalit­y in the way we draw the portrait. Moreover, I’ll walk you through the colouring and lighting process when rendering the character. We’ll briefly touch on skin tones, colour harmony, and material properties to create the illusion of realism. Finally, I’ll walk you through the last clean up stages of the illustrati­on. Finishing strong is just as important as rigorous planning and a strong initial sketch, so don’t flake on the finishing touches! Let’s get into it!

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