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Dell Ultrasharp U3219Q Web Price From £800

This Dell monitor offers a lot of high-end features: 4K 32-inch screen, full SRGB coverage, with 95 per cent DCI-P3 and great colour uniformity, making it a solid choice for pro artists.

Samsung U28E590D Web Price From £250

This monitor may lack the topend features of pricier screens but it still offers 100 per cent support for the SRGB colour space, high brightness level of 300cd/m2 and support for 60Hz 4K.

Eizo Coloredge CG319X Web Price From £3,000

This 31-inch 4K monitor, with a 10-bit display and 24-bit colour look-up table represents the high end of monitors. It also offers 4,096x2,160 resolution and colour calibratio­n software.

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