cre­ate art for a gam­ing screen

Luisa Preißler and Klaus Scher­win­ski work to­gether to cre­ate the art­work for a four-panel dun­geon master’s screen

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In this work­shop we high­light the artis­tic fac­tors we have to con­sider when tack­ling one of the most com­plex tasks any fan­tasy il­lus­tra­tor could face: paint­ing a four- panel dun­geon master’s screen il­lus­tra­tion!

Be­cause the two of us of­ten team up for com­plex il­lus­tra­tions we know the ben­e­fits of work­ing in tan­dem with one artist ex­celling at com­po­si­tion and fig­ure work (Klaus) and the other artist (Luisa) be­ing an ex­pert at stag­ing colour and light. When one of us paints, the other de­faults to the art di­rec­tor role, lend­ing a fresh eye to each it­er­a­tion. Swap­ping the dig­i­tal art­work back and forth and some­times work­ing si­mul­ta­ne­ously on dif­fer­ent parts of the paint­ing might sound com­plex, but we think team­ing up is well worth the ef­fort.

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