Il­lus­trat­ing a light spell

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The big­gest risk when il­lus­trat­ing a light spell is over­do­ing it by go­ing nuts with the Color Dodge tool and putting glow­ing high­lights ev­ery­where! Re­mem­ber that light doesn’t al­ways re­veal more de­tails – it can also ob­scure things. Es­pe­cially in a dun­geon base­ment with high hu­mid­ity, the light par­ti­cles between the char­ac­ters and the cam­era would blur things to­gether. So in­stead of adding a yel­low-ish ra­dial gra­di­ent on a Vivid Light blend mode or such, we choose a Nor­mal layer on a low Opac­ity. This ap­proach evens out lights and shad­ows on the char­ac­ters and gives us more depth. In the end, depth is more im­por­tant than de­tail.

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