Stéphanie Leon

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Lo­ca­tion: France ME­DIA : Pho­to­shop, pen­cil, wa­ter­colour, acrylic Web:­sta­

Stéphanie’s work com­bines tra­di­tional and dig­i­tal tech­niques, and of­ten ex­plores dream­like or grotesque worlds. She started out study­ing cabi­net mak­ing, and Baroque and Re­nais­sance or­na­ments still in­flu­ence her work.

1 The Evening of the Big Ball “Light man­age­ment is what ex­cites me the most in il­lus­tra­tion. What it shows, what it hides. Light is an im­por­tant sto­ry­telling de­vice to me.”

2 Be hind my Fl owe r Pots “Ev­ery­one knows that there are a lot of in­ter­est­ing crea­tures liv­ing in flower pots.”

3 Tape stry “I took a slightly more graph­i­cal ap­proach here, work­ing with re­peated pat­terns. I al­ways hope that the char­ac­ters from my paint­ings go out and take a break from time to time.”

4 Men­tal palace “The for­est holds a very im­por­tant place in my work – shad­ows, trees, and the mys­tery at­tached to them.”

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