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Mod­ernist war­fare The sto­ries of World War One fea­ture in 11-11: Mem­o­ries Retold, a new video game with heart­felt de­sign by Aard­man and Atomhawk

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World War I games are usu­ally split into two camps: those that cap­ture the mil­i­tary as­pects of war, and those that look at the hu­man an­gle of the con­flict. “11-11: Mem­o­ries Retold def­i­nitely falls into the lat­ter cat­e­gory,” says Atomhawk’s prin­ci­pal artist, Char­lie Bowa­ter. “It’s a char­ac­ter-led story that fo­cuses on hu­man­ity in the face of ab­so­lute ad­ver­sity.”

Brought to life with a painterly art style in­spired by a film Aard­man An­i­ma­tions cre­ated for the Im­pe­rial War Mu­seum, the game is es­sen­tially a gi­ant, liv­ing paint­ing cre­ated in an Im­pres­sion­ist style. Aard­man chose to work with Atomhawk be­cause the con­cept art stu­dio was able to match its spe­cific style. “The art style pre­sented the unique prob­lem of def­i­ni­tion within an im­pres­sion­is­tic world,” says Aard­man art di­rec­tor Bram Ttwheam. “We had to de­fine as­pects of the world play­ers would in­ter­act with, and such a loose art style made it a dif­fi­cult line to walk.”

To solve this co­nun­drum, con­trols for size, ori­en­ta­tion and brush type were de­vel­oped. “We also had to re­sist the urge to clean things up too much as that would mean mov­ing too far away from the style,” says Char­lie.

“I think the art style re­flects a dif­fer­ent take on the con­flict,” she adds. “I hope that the sug­ges­tive, some­times dreamy style en­ables the viewer to im­merse them­selves in the story and the game.”

11-11: Mem­o­ries Retold is avail­able to play on PS4, Xbox One and PC now. More de­tails at https://ifxm.ag/11-11.

Bram Ttwheam chose a softer art ap­proach be­cause it suited the nar­ra­tive: “It’s es­sen­tially the story of two peace­ful men who have to re­act to events be­yond their con­trol.”

Char­lie Bowa­ter hopes the art style en­ables the viewer to find a win­dow into the con­flict, one where “they can both have their own per­spec­tive within it and also con­nect with the char­ac­ters of the game.”

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