Step by Step: Blend lips with coloured pen­cils

ImagineFX - - In Depth Coloured Pencils -

1 pre­pare for colour

Be­gin with an out­line so you can see where your high­lights and shad­ows will fall. The out­line will also help you see if ev­ery­thing looks okay be­fore plac­ing your coloured pen­cil lay­ers down. Eras­ing an out­line is much eas­ier than eras­ing mul­ti­ple coloured pen­cil lay­ers.

2 blend with a stump

I like to start out with soft gen­tle lay­ers to gain a bet­ter idea of light­ing place­ment, shad­ows and the colour palette. After each soft layer I’ll gen­tly rub the blend­ing stump across the paper where I’ve just coloured. I keep re­peat­ing this process un­til it’s blended to my lik­ing.

3 add out­lines

After I have ap­plied many lay­ers of coloured pen­cil I’ll check the over­all look be­fore I be­gin this fi­nal step. If it’s fin­ished then I’ll be­gin to add out­lines to the lips. This step is done with the coloured pen­cils only. The blend­ing stump isn’t re­quired for this last part.

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