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aphi­los­o­phy of an­tiq­uity ex­tolls the virtue of pick­ing one thing and then mas­ter­ing that one thing ab­so­lutely, be­fore at­tempt­ing any­thing else. This mind­set shines through in Cal­lum’s Com­modore. Se­ri­ous at­ten­tion has been lav­ished on ev­ery part of this car from the ground up, through some very spe­cial tweeter treat­ment, all the way up to sound dead­en­ing the roof.

As a style, it might be de­scribed as ‘Sub­tle Awe­some’. Be­cause there is noth­ing pre­ten­tious or ‘look-at-me’ with this car. There is no one thing that stands out — and it’s meant to be that way.

Yet when one in­spects the car and the sys­tem closely, the hours of plan­ning and ded­i­ca­tion are clear to see. Ev­ery facet of the car, sys­tem and build are tes­ta­ment to get­ting that one thing per­fect be­fore the next one thing is at­tempted.

And the au­dio sys­tem is where the ‘Sub­tle Awe­some’ phi­los­o­phy re­ally shines through. In terms of the struc­ture, it doesn’t get much sim­pler: one pair of 6.5-inch com­po­nents in the front re­ceiv­ing big clean power, com­ple­mented by two 10-inch subs also run­ning huge power, in a cus­tom sealed enclosure — de­cently large, so promis­ing a nicely even, flat bass re­sponse.

en­gine: 5.7L LS1, tex­tured satin black cov­ers in­duc­tion: nat­u­rally as­pi­rated in­take: al­loy otr (over the ra­di­a­tor) air in­take in­ter­nals: stock con­trollers: stock, tuned ex­haust: Hur­ri­cane 4-1 ex­trac­tors, Red­back twin 2.5” ex­haust trans­mis­sion: 4l60e au­to­matic, up­graded cooler sus­pen­sion: kyb shock ab­sorbers, no­lathane bushes, fac­tory op­tional strut brace fit­ted brakes: hsv c5 (club­sport) 330mm front, 315mm rear body kit: fac­tory op­tion hbd (Holden by de­sign) lip kit wheels: 18x8” HBD j series al­loys tyres: 235x45x18 Kuhmo ec­sta ku22


source: Pi­o­neer DEH-80prs (ac­tive crossovers, equal­i­sa­tion, time align­ment etc; high-Res­o­lu­tion mu­sic play­back) front speak­ers: DLS RZ6.2; 6.5-inch mid­bass, 2-inch fi­bre­glass cone wide­band driver; ac­tively am­pli­fied sub­woofers: DLS Nordica 10i x 2; 1.8 cu­bic feet / 64 litre sealed fi­bre­glass enclosure front am­pli­fiers: DLS CC-4 x2 (2 x 140W bridged each; 560W to­tal) sub am­pli­fiers: DLS CC-500 x 2 (1000W to­tal) wiring: Streetwires 0, 4 & 8 gauge; streetwires bat­tery ter­mi­nals & main fuse; stinger fused dis­tri­bu­tion blocks bat­tery: Op­tima d35 Yel­low­top Deep Cy­cle light­ing: com­plete dash light­ing led con­ver­sion from green to warm white & red; warm white led light­ing in cabin; warm white & red led edge light­ing in boot in­stall sound dead­en­ing: Stan­dart­plast (stp) gold, Sound­skins to­tal sys­tem power (12V/4ohms): 1560W con­fig­ured power (as wired): 1560W to­tal sys­tem com­po­nent cost: $6600 at cur­rent RRP spon­sor: De­signer Lis­ten­ing So­lu­tions, South Aus­tralia in­stalled by: av-dc pty ltd to­tal build time: six months over­all high­est score: ex­pert class (105 /130 points) cred­its: De­signer Lis­ten­ing So­lu­tions - Da­vide Fel­trin www.dl­saudio.com.au R&N Mo­tor­bod­ies - Tore Ro­vere rand­n­mo­tor­bod­ies.com.au Jar­row auto ser­vice - Steve Rowe (08) 8374 1014

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