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Ray White the peninsula to downsizers from the North Shore. The

garden would really appeal to downsizers Balmain “This is a good house on a great block of land. The floorplan isn’t very functional as it stands but you could do a lot with it. The lifestyle around Balmain means there’s a big buyer pool, from executive couples and families moving around but the steep stairs wouldn’t. My advice would be to employ a good architect and reconfigur­e the space to make it appeal to the broadest market possible. It needs multiple living areas, a proper connection to the garden, a clear master bedroom with an ensuite and – crucially – a downstairs toilet! With three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a great finish, this property could be worth close to $3 million, which is a nice return seeing as they spent just over two. A fourth bedroom might tip it over that.”

 ??  ?? the realtor Karl Howard
the realtor Karl Howard

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