Inside Out (Australia)

… patterned tiles in the bathroom

Bonnie Ashley, co-founder of Bonnie And Neil, weighs in


The deal: As designers who love pattern and colour, it may come as a surprise to learn that our bathroom is tiled in white. We’re in the process of renovating, and not being able to find the right tiles has inspired us to create a range of patterned porcelain tiles. The pros: Patterned tiles add loads of personalit­y and make a functional space more interestin­g. We’ll be updating our bathroom with the Bonnie And Neil ‘Aegean’ tiles in blue and gold. The cons: You do have to make a fairly long-term commitment to a particular pattern that can’t be changed as easily as a colourful textile or accessory. The verdict: It’s a yay! Fortunatel­y, Neil and I have no problems committing to colour and pattern, so it’s just a matter of finding time to get the reno done! Check out the range of porcelain tiles with Byzantine Design – visit bonnieandn­

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