Inside Out (Australia)



YOU’LL NEED Brown paper Cardboard tubes, cut into

10cm lengths Long cracker snaps (see note) Sticky tape String or ribbon Small gifts or lollies ‘Dad jokes’ written on paper Folding paper crowns HOW TO

Cut strips of brown paper to cover each tube, leaving enough overhangin­g paper on each side to twist into a bonbon shape.

Insert a snap in each tube, ensuring each end aligns with the paper ends of the bonbon. Secure with a little tape inside the tube.

Wrap the tubes with prepared paper. Gently twist one end and secure with the string, being careful not to scrunch or tear it.

Fill the cardboard tubes with small gifts or lollies, a joke and folding paper crown each.

Secure the other end of the bonbon with string, being careful not to crush the shape.

Note: Cracker snaps can be found at most craft stores.

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