Inside Out (Australia)

Lisa Koehler’s planning tips


Caroline and Adam had been looking for a family home for almost a year after moving back to Sydney from Canberra. As time wore on and they saw their budget being stretched further and further, the couple were feeling a little despondent when they came to view this Victorian terrace a short stroll from Balmain’s high street. “It was love at first sight,” says Caroline. “We loved the location and the period features. And the space seemed vast after four of us sharing a tiny rental for 12 months.” But it’s not a happy ending just yet. The previous owner lived here for many years and while the house is perfectly livable, Caroline and Adam are keen to make it work better for their busy family life. “There’s so much we want to do,” says Caroline. “The layout is awkward, there are damp issues and there isn’t one room that we don’t have plans for. The trouble is we can’t afford to do it all straightaw­ay and we don’t know how to prioritise. Help!” What’s stopping them? Nothing. The family has only just moved in and most of their possession­s are still in storage. “We want to get the basics done before the furniture arrives,” says Caroline. “In the meantime, we’re basically camping so we’re keen to get started ASAP.”

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