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It’s been quite the year…


Some years are bigger than others. For me, this has been one of the biggest. There have been super-high highs and horribly low lows, but what has been a constant is the fact that I come into work and love being a part of this brand and team. Every. Single. Day. It’s just the best. We’ve farewelled some amazing team members and welcomed some incredible new talent. We’ve created a website that helps more and more people kickstart their renovation, or encourages them to give their lovely home an extra little bit of polish. On top of that, we’ve had the opportunit­y to speak to millions of you on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. And it’s been our privilege and joy. Thank you to every one of you who has messaged, liked and commented along the way.

On a personal note, I’ve said goodbye to my beautiful little apartment. I clearly remember ripping up the carpet on the very afternoon I picked up the keys, cutting it into strips, rolling it up and shoving it in the back of my VW Golf GTI, much to the horror of my male friends. But I removed every staple, painted every floorboard and decorated every inch with love. So, of course, as I spent the last few moments on the back deck before locking up, I stood and howled. Fat, drippy tears that would’ve made Kim Kardashian’s cry look pretty.

That said, it means I’m on the hunt for a new nest, which is one of the most exciting things in the world. So, along with a lot of you, I’ll be back in the property hot seat when we return in 2018. I look forward to hearing from you all with winning tips and tricks you’ve learnt along the way. You can either email me at, or catch me on Instagram @clairebrad­ley_ed. I’d love to hear from you – and merry Christmas!

PS. If you’re in the mood to celebrate, turn to page 64 for a cracking menu and some delicious drinks to celebrate the year that was.

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