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Timbermill ‘Get Peggy With It’ peg board


DESIGNERS: Sally Taylor & Tom Coles After tinkering in his backyard making furniture for six months, Tom and his partner Sally decided to expand this hobby into a full-time business almost five years ago. Sally’s background in design was the perfect complement to Tom’s engineerin­g experience, ensuring their skills spanned both the practical and aesthetic sides of the business. Their offering now includes tables, chairs, beds and more, with the brand focusing on recycled timber and a range of specialise­d hardwoods in their Sydney-based workshop. Peggy started life as a rental option for retail customers looking for an innovative way to display items, but is now available for purchase. “It’s a flat-pack design that allows you to be the stylist and dress it up however you like,” says Sally of the 2-metre plywood board. “A CNC machine is used to ensure the holes are exact, then the board, pegs and feet are all hand-sanded and sealed.” Peggy can be customised with shelves, pegs and finishes, and can be used as a room divider or display board. “I love how simple it is, yet it has such a wide range of uses,” says Sally. “It’s always great to see how people style it up as everything from a shelving unit to a floral display wall.” From $422,

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