Inside Out (Australia)

What the real estate agent says...

- Tracey Dixon

“Hunters Hill was originally a French settlement and is in a conservati­on area, full of historic and gracious sandstone houses on good-sized plots. It’s an idyllic spot with a village feel and there’s a ferry wharf that takes commuters into the city and to the North Shore schools. Houses are tightly held around here and most people who buy and sell are keen to stay within the local area. In terms of a sale, Stephanie is right to be thinking about improving the back of the house as people are after open-plan living with direct access to the back garden and ideally an entertaini­ng deck and pool. The value of this house has probably gone up by 25 per cent in the past two years. It’s a great little property and they won’t go wrong either extending or rebuilding in this ideal location. What the couple needs to remember is that Hunters Hill has a local environmen­t plan that won’t allow for a huge home on the block. They could extend a bit but will have to maintain a similar footprint.”

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