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Natural floor coverings


+ Sisal: “Sisal is a natural fibre harvested from the Agave sisalana cactus plant,” says James Trowbridge, director of Floorspace (floorspace. “It’s durable and a great eco-friendly option. It’s also soft underfoot and competitiv­ely priced.” + Coir: Made from coconut husk, this carpet “has a firmer feel than sisal and gives a rustic look,” says James. + Jute: Made from fibres of the jute plant, it makes a softer – although less durable – carpet than sisal. + Paper: These carpets, made mainly from conifer trees, have a lifespan of about five years. + Marmoleum: A durable linoleum with a linseed-oil base, it’s biodegrada­ble and made from 43 per cent recycled materials.

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