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… wall-hung vanity Daniella Santilli, bathroom marketing leader at Reece weighs in The deal: With many Australian­s now living in smaller spaces, wall-hung vanities have become more and more common. But is this style of vanity right for every bathroom? The pros: They free up the floor and provide a more streamline­d look than a standard vanity, creating the illusion of more space. Cleaning is easier, with less crevices and places for dust to hide. A wall-hung vanity also offers versatilit­y in height placement, which is great if you want your vanity to suit specific users. The cons: If you have tiled walls, you’ll need to account for additional tiling underneath. You will also need a solid support system to hold the weight, which may require different installati­on methods, so you should consult your builder to ensure it will work in your home. The verdict: Yay! Floating vanities are available in a range of styles, from contempora­ry to traditiona­l, and will add to the feeling of space in your bathroom, which is at a premium these days! Go to

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