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A young Sydney couple strives to make the most of a cramped apartment

Inside Out style editor and interior designer Jono Fleming helps a Sydney couple facing a common renovating conundrum


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Carla and David Mizrahi bought this charming 65-square-metre 1930s apartment three years ago. Set in a block of six in the eastern Sydney suburb of Woollahra, it has one bedroom – but that could be about to change. The couple, who recently married, are finally ready to make some major upgrades. “We’re on the brink of renovation­s but our question is, should we turn it into a two-bedder by reducing the living-room space but increasing the property value?” asks Carla. “We also want to update the bathroom and kitchen. And if so, we need some ideas to maximise space and storage.” The study is the couple’s favourite room and, set at the back of the home, it’s beautifull­y light and looks out over the treetops of a nearby park and beyond. “We love how sunny and inviting it is,” says Carla. “We sit out here on our balcony almost every day.”

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 ??  ?? Carla and David love their little balcony.
Carla and David love their little balcony.
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