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…wall lights in the bedroom

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Interior designer Chelsea Hing weighs in

The deal: There’s nothing like the soft glow of decorative lights in a bedroom, and it’s worth considerin­g something other than the standard bedside lamp. The pros: Wall sconces or pendants are a beautiful way to get this romantic vibe going. If you’re going for pendants, drop them low and centred over the bedside table. Sconces can also be amazing. Keep them low and connected with the bed. You want to think of them as creating a natural graphic silhouette with the bed. The cons: Getting the lights into the right position can be tricky, especially if the new furniture is not yet in place. When it comes to renovating, we draw up the furniture layout to scale and set out the lights to the millimetre in order to get the cables in the right spot. We then get the fitting onsite and have the electricia­n hold it up to help us to finalise the exact location. It’s a lot of work but well worth the effort. The verdict: A total YAY! Go for this look wherever you can.

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