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Plant-based pantry


These are some of the items I find useful in plant-based cooking. They are marked with * in the ingredient­s list. You can find them in some supermarke­ts, most health food and wholefood stores, organic grocers and online. Coconut aminos A fermented liquid made from the aged sap of coconut blossom. It has a sweet, salty, tangy flavour. A lower sodium substitute for soy sauce or tamari. Nori An edible seaweed that is rack dried in sheets. Usually used as a wrapping for sushi, nori is high in vitamins and minerals including iodine and is best sourced organicall­y. Nutritiona­l yeast Sometimes called savoury yeast. It is an inactive yeast grown on molasses. It’s then washed and dried with heat to make sure it’s inactive. I use it to give recipes that savoury, ‘cheesy’ flavour. It’s a source of vitamin B12, folic acid, selenium, zinc and protein. Tahini The paste produced from ground sesame seeds. Hulled tahini has a smooth and creamy texture with a very distinct nutty flavour. Tamari A naturally gluten-free by-product of fermented soy beans. Traditiona­lly made as a by-product of miso, it’s high in sodium – only a little is needed for a lot of flavour. Look for a brand with no additives.

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