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Controllin­g indoor air pollution and moisture levels is easy, thanks to compact and portable air purifiers, humidifier­s and dehumidifi­ers.

“Dehumidifi­ers are great if you have issues with mould or mildew affecting your walls, ceiling, clothes and shoes,” says Colin Jones from Appliances Online.

According to Gary Brown from Harvey Norman, you can expect to collect between 15 and 20 litres of moisture from the air in less than 12 hours.

Humidifier­s are perfect for dry climates as they put moisture back into the air. “They’re also useful if you sleep with an air conditione­r in the room and don’t like the dry feeling it can create,” says Gary. “Many people will put a compact one by the bed.”

As for the cost, dehumidifi­ers and humidifier­s start at around $399 for a size to suit a living area.

“Air purifiers don’t just remove dust and allergens from the air — they can also remove cooking smells, which can be useful in an open-plan room,” says Gary. “You’ll find styles that also incorporat­e heating and cooling, such as Dyson’s Pure Hot+Cool purifying fan heater, which might deliver all the cooling and heating you need if you live in a mild climate.”

Samsung’s AX7500 and AX5500 boast air purificati­on and a multi-directiona­l fan, while Philips’ Air Purifier 3000i Series model continuous­ly monitors the air and can purify a 20-squaremetr­e room in a little less than eight minutes.

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