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Jonima Flowers are sold at Yanderra Farm, Wollondill­y Shire, from Monday through Thursday (9am—2pm) and Friday (9am— 5pm), as well as online. You can also find them at Sydney Flower Market (Stand 37), Carriagewo­rks Farmers Market, Warwick Farm Trackside Market, Kiama Farmers Market and Capital Region Farmers Market (Canberra).

Flowers to buy in Dec/Jan

+ Dahlia

+ Rose

+ Flowering Gum

+ Sunflower

+ Zinnia

+ Hydrangea

+ Grevillea

+ Scabiosa

Flowers to plant in Dec/Jan

+ Sunflower + Zinnia

+ Paper daisy

+ Hydrangea

+ Gomphrena

+ Buddleja

+ Grevillea

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