Inside Out (Australia)



1 Big meets small in a study of contrast, with Bendigo Pebbles aggregate from Eco Outdoor flowing around the monolithic sandstone support of a custom cantilever­ed bench. 2 The inner side of the original brick wall had been rendered, with grooves added, to soften a plane that could otherwise have looked monumental. Genevieve and Katy further relieved it with battens similar to those in the home’s extension. 3 Two coral bark maples lend verticalit­y to the plantings and soften the lines of such a high-walled space. Their leaves change colour seasonally and, being deciduous, offer shade in summer and sun through the bare branches in winter.

4 Sandstone slabs have been recycled from the old garden and intermingl­ed with a dwarf mondo grass carpet to add softness and visual interest on the ground plane.

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