Inside Out (Australia)

Hana Vasak



What captured your interest in sculpture initially? Discoverin­g all the varying processes involved in working with clay while studying fine art at university intrigued me. It soon became a medium I found myself endlessly fascinated by, and one that has allowed me to continuall­y explore and expand my practice. How would you describe your art? I hand-build all my pieces slowly, creating functional forms with curved finishes that have an organic quality. I love creating small unique collection­s of individual vessels that can be a functional sculpture or standalone art object for the home. Where do you find inspiratio­n? I draw a lot from ancient pottery, as well as taking inspiratio­n from my travels. Do you accept commission­s? Yes! What price range do you work in? Mainly $100–$550. Where can people buy your art? Directly through Michael Reid CLAY, Modern Times and Pépite. dasacerami­; @dasacerami­cs

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