Inside Out (Australia)

Mafalda Vasconcelo­s


How would you describe your art? As a figurative artist born in South Africa with Mozambican and Portuguese heritage, I create abstracted, expressive portraits of female figures. My art is based on symbolism and each figure depicted represents the essence of a person, not their real physical form. Where do you find

inspiratio­n? I find inspiratio­n mostly in memories from childhood and my family in Mozambique, and a feeling of nostalgia – wanting to go back to moments that have meant so much to me. My family is from a small ethnic group in the north of Mozambique; due to assimilati­on, they have near to no connection with their culture. This has inspired me to learn more about them and to connect with that culture through the work I do. Do you take commission­s? Absolutely! What’s the price range for your artworks? Fine-art prints start at $80 and originals are priced from $500. Where can we buy your art?

My work is available via my website or at Partnershi­p Editions. or partnershi­; @mmvce

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