Inside Out (Australia)

Natalie Jade



When did you start painting? It’s something I’ve been doing most of my life. I grew up with my Mum constantly painting and creating. The first memory I have of art was watching hand-painted dried gum leaves (with the gumnut babies painted in oil) that she would hang above the kitchen bench. How would you describe your art? Finding yourself as an artist and [developing] your own style takes a lot of soul searching and years of exploratio­n. My exploratio­n in art has led me to create abstracts, seascapes and contempora­ry Aboriginal art. I’m constantly evolving and my art is evolving with me. Where do you find inspiratio­n? The best place is within yourself. I also find inspiratio­n in Mother Earth and make sure that I connect with her each day barefoot on the ground, spending time in nature and being present. I also have a strong connection to the sea, trees, the stars and the sun, and bring that into my artworks. What price range do you usually work in? My prints start at $80. nataliejad­; @natalie_jade_collective

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